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intolerant chef - tim
In my past I was a director of an advertising/marketing agency specialising in food, wine and hospitality. 
Food styling, cooking and recipe styling have always been my passion, with hours spent perfecting the texture, style & taste of a dish. As a result of being diagnosed with gluten, fructose and lactose malabsorptions and intolerances six years ago, I became an even better cook. 
Parents at our children’s school soon found out that I could cook “intolerant food”, and started requesting orders for their own children. Soon pick up was as much about esky's as kids!
"I don’t think there is any greater level of trust." - parents feeding their children my food.
The children loved the food, had no reactions, the parents loved that their children were eating again.... 
One beautiful seven year girl "M" started calling me her intolerant chef.... the rest as they say is history...